Since the age of fifteen, Maike van Niekerk’s work as an advocate for women, youth, and homeless has enabled her to become the change in both her school and community. Through her initiatives she hopes to raise awareness, to inspire others to create change. Volunteering over 2,000 hours within high school alone, she continues to volunteer 25 hours a week to advocate for women, youth and the homeless through her work in various organizations. Primarily she advocates for women, after losing her mother to breast cancer, through raising awareness about breast cancer. She is currently conducting research on the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis on Aboriginal peoples. Maike van Niekerk graduated as class president and valedictorian from Corner Brook Regional High School with a 99% average in 2013 winning the Governor General Academic Award and joined Dalhousie University with the Schulich Leadership Scholarship and the Terry Fox Humanitarian Scholarship, where she is studying an oncology focused Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with hopes of eventually studying medicine. She recently became a recipient of Plan Canada’s 2015 Top 20 Under 20 Award, The Newfoundland Red Cross Young Humanitarian of the Year 2015, and The Newfoundland Division Canadian Cancer Society’s Inspirational Achievement in Youth Leadership. Facebook: Katrin’s Karepackage