1. What is Katrin’s Karepackage?

Katrin’s Karepackage is a tax-deductible charitable program created in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society. KK aims to help pay for the transportation costs of cancer patients, and caregivers, who must travel to St. John’s or Halifax for cancer related appointments.

2. Why was Katrin’s Karepackage created?

Newfoundland: In Newfoundland, the only place to get radiation cancer treatment is in St. John’s. However, in order to receive funding from the Newfoundland government, patients must pay for the first 1,500km of travel in a 12-month period. Once eligible, the province reimburses a fraction of travel costs (20 cents per kilometre). As such, treatment is inaccessible for many low-income patients and patients living in rural communities outside of St. John’s.

Nova Scotia: In Nova Scotia, many cancer patients from across the province must regularly travel into Halifax for cancer-related appointments. Currently, in order to obtain funding from the MSI BTO Program, Nova Scotians must make a gross family income of less than $25,500.00. This is close to the poverty line for a family of two. Similar to Newfoundland, this makes treatment inaccessible for individuals living outside of Halifax.

3. Why is this initiative called Katrin’s Karepackage?

Katrin Kohler is the motivation behind this project. Katrin, mother of four daughters, Maike, Nina, Karen and Suzanne, passed away at 54 years on March 4th, 2011 from breast cancer. Katrin was a talented artist, educator and volunteer who impacted many lives. She spent much of her time volunteering at the chemotherapy unit where she received her treatment.

Katrin’s Karepackage enables Katrin’s memory to live on, as it offsets that travel costs of Newfoundland and Nova Scotian cancer patients.

4. Who can apply for funding from Katrin’s Karepackage?

To apply for funding from Katrin’s Karepackage, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must live a minimum of 50 km outside of St. John’s (Newfoundland applicants) or 50 km outside of Halifax (Nova Scotian applicants)
  • Be undergoing active cancer treatment which includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, specialists appointments related to cancer (dentistry dermatology), surgery related to cancer, follow-up appointments with oncologists and diagnostic appointments
  • Cannot be receiving MSI BTO program funding for applicants in Nova Scotia

5. Is there an age limit on applying for this funding?

There is no age limit. Funding from Katrin’s Karepackage can go to anyone, as long as they meet previously mentioned criteria.

6. Does the cancer patient have to meet income qualifications before the patient can receive funding?

No. Income is not a consideration in determining whether a cancer patient is eligible to receive funding for transportation.

7. How much funding do I receive and how do I apply for funding?

In Nova Scotia, applicants will receive a $10.00 gas card for every 100km worth of travel. Individuals can obtain these gas cards by visiting The Canadian Cancer Society’s Lodge that Gives in Halifax. They may be asked to (1) show a doctor’s note as proof of them having a medical appointment and (2) a driver’s license or bill that shows where they are currently living, in order to calculate the amount of funding that they receive.

We regret to inform that all of the Newfoundland funding ($55,000.00) has been used. We will be organizing fundraising initiatives for Newfoundland residents in the near future.

8. Who do the donations go to, the Canadian Cancer Society or Katrin’s Karepackage?

All donations go to the Canadian Cancer Society, however they are allocated into Katrin’s Karepackage’s own separate fund. Therefore the donations raised in Katrin’s Karepackage’s fundraising initiatives will be received by the Canadian Cancer Society, but will be placed into Katrin’s Karepackage’s own fund which is used solely for the purpose of providing free transportation. The funds will not be used elsewhere in the Canadian Cancer Society.

9. Is Karin’s Karepackage a registered not-for-profit organization? 

Katrin’s Karepackage is not a registered not-for-profit organization; rather, it has partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society. 

10. Is my financial contribution tax deductible?

Yes. Katrin’s Karepackage gets its funds through the Canadian Cancer Society, a tax-exempt organization. As such, financial contributions of over $20.00 are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Charitable number: 1188-2908-RR0001

11. Why did Katrin’s Karepackage partner with the Canadian Cancer Society?

The Canadian Cancer Society have agreed to use their experience and expertise to take on the responsibility of creating the application process and distributing the funds to successful applicants.

12. How is the funding divided?

All funding will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to availability and verified through the health care system.

13. What happens if the funding runs out?

It is our hopes Katrin’s Karepackage’s fund does not run out. In an attempt to keep this fundraising initiative alive, annual fundraising events will take place to generate more funds. Please donate now!

14. I want to visit a family member who has cancer appointments. Can you help?

Unfortunately we are not able to assist in this matter. Katrin’s Karepackage does not arrange compassionate transportation. Our mandate is to assist clients with travel to receive the cancer medical care they cannot receive in their community.

15. How do I stay in touch with Katrin’s Karepackage even if I don’t need transporation right now?

We encourage you to sign up for our Facebook page at Katrin’s Karepackage, Twitter @KKarepackage, and follow KK’s founder on Instagram @maikevanniekerk.