Day 4 

I ran day 4 in both Grandfalls as well as Bishop’s Falls! My father and I found places that were relatively flat in both areas and planned an appropriate route. Unfortunately, nearing the end of the run, I began to feel some pain in my left knee and therefore spent the last few kilometers walking. Nonetheless, I was able to complete the run! After finishing, we headed to Springdale, where I had planned to do my next marathon. There, my father and I stopped into Tim Hortons to grab a coffee and we were delighted to meet a friendly group of individuals living in Springdale who donated some money to the run and mentioned that they had seen me on CBC News!

After finishing our coffees, we headed to local family’s home, Linda and Jerry Brett. Linda and Jerry had had my sister and I over for dinner the previous year when I was cycling across Newfoundland and this year volunteered to have my father and I over for a one-night stay! The Bretts had arranged a potluck dinner and therefore by the end of the night there was a crowd of us enjoying dinner and laughs! It was such a wonderful evening and an amazing way to relax and unwind after a long day of running.

Day 5

For breakfast Jerry made my father and I blueberry pancakes and then we were off for my fifth run! Sadly, my knee began to give out again and this time it was more painful than before. We decided that it would be best to head back to Corner Brook to visit the physiotherapists and there I could finish the run. Thankfully, I was informed that it is unlikely that my knee was a major injury, but rather more of a wear and tear knee injury, as one would expect! As a result, I am thinking that I will do tomorrow’s run more slowly to ensure that I can make it through the final run in Corner Brook! I will keep you all updated on how everything goes :) While I was busy running my sister, Nina van Niekerk, was back in Corner Brook doing a bake sale for Katrin’s Karepackage at Corner Brook’s hospital! She baked over 500 cupcakes and made nearly $700 :) Such a great sister!

I am now heading off to sleep, but will keep you updated on tomorrow’s news!