Day 2 

After spending the night at the Moorland Motel, Day 2’s marathon began in Whitbourne and later continued in Dildo. Unfortunately, with only a few kilometers left it began to rain so hard that it became difficult for my father to see me running in the distance so we decided that we would finish the last few kilometers in Gander, which was our next stop! Upon finishing these kilometers, I was finally able to rest at the Bussey family’s home, where I had arranged to stay that night. There, I had a delicious meal of spaghetti and meat sauce (my favourite meal while running!) and just relaxed and watched TV.

Day 3

This morning, I woke up to extremely loud wind outside! At first, I felt anxious thinking that I would have to run against that wind, however after planning out a route, we were able to knock off the majority of the kilometers going with the 70km/h wind! As you can imagine, that made the running 100x easier. It barely felt as though I was doing anything; the wind was simply carrying me! After finishing up the run, my father and I headed to the Bishop’s Falls Correctional Centre, where they had a donation ready for us for the second year in a row! I even had the chance to draw for the winner for the prize of a wooden bench that they had been selling tickets for! We then headed off to the Carriage House Inn in Grand Falls-Windsor, where my father and I were sponsored a one night stay – it is an absolutely beautiful place. We stayed just in time to say Hi! and drop off our bags and then headed off to get something to eat at the Station Steakhouse. After finishing our yummy meals, I found out that the Station Steakhouse had given my father and I our meals for free – I was so surprised and beyond thankful :) I am now lying in bed with an ice pack to my leg! I better get some sleep; I have another marathon to run in the morning. I will keep you updated about tomorrow’s news!